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המוצרים שלנו

מגוון מוצרים מבית ווייד, המשלבים עיצוב מהפכני וטנולוגיה פורצת דרך

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Nexus 6

Create an unforgettable experience with long-lasting visual impact by choosing Nexus 6 as your audio solution. Virtual Arc technology forming a common acoustic centre at the back of the array, combating disadvantages posed by a traditional array.


Tri Motion

The aesthetically captivating Tri Motion is perfect for spaces requiring a sound system with distinctive designs and demonstrated excellence. A cornerstone of the Air series, the Tri Motion consistently delivers remarkable and controlled performance.


Nexus Q

The Nexus Q delivers unparalleled upper bass frequencies via its enhanced enclosure design. Four 12" transducers use a front-loaded horn to achieve high efficiency and a rear port with a newly developed ‘pressure gradient’ arrangement.


Air Vantage

Create a sonic and visual impact with the Air Vantage, delivering stylish and consistent audio coverage. True point source radiation and dual-purpose capabilities make it suitable for operation as either a front of house system or for DJ monitoring

Perfect for high-end nightclubs or bars wanting to make a sonic and visual statement.


Stasys Xair

The highly regarded, world renowned Stasys Xair presents itself as the special ‘Air’ edition of the Stasys XV2. The cutting-edge design is captivating, with the option for expressive colour customisation on the aluminium bracing.

The Stasys Xair's tough ‘TourCoat’ polyurea finish and composition makes it well suited to events, tours or festivals; as well as a dance-floor favourite for nightclubs and live-music venues.


Nexus XL

The Nexus XL delivers untold levels of performance through refined design principles as well as embracing progressive styling with a streamlined trim. An alternative to the Nexus X, the XL is purposed for use with the Nexus Q upper enclosure.

Impressive advancements create the perfect foundations for a breath-taking nightclub sound system.


Bias Q5

The Bias Q5 embraces ingenious advancements with versatility and ease-of-use placed at the heart of its design; making it an ideal choice for touring based applications.

All Bias amplifiers are compatible with our suite of optimised presets to ensure quality, consistency and maximum performance from our loudspeakers. The Q5 is best suited for use in nightclubs, bars, houses of worship, festivals, events and theatres.

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